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hollister area becoming lighter. we have snow in the sierra. a loop to show you movement of the area of snow. chains now required of all major highways going into, and out of, the sierra. north of us in lake county, mixed precipitation and some snow from mountains in lake county. we've got a wide range of weather now. i'll show you more and tell what you is coming our way for the weekend later. >> spencer, thank you oor the pain started falling first in marin county. >> behind me, highway 101 and lucky drive is moving smoothly. traffic is smooth. pavement is dry. not a problem here tonight. north bay we did have rain most of it not disruptive.xpú$ñ san francisco had to deal with more, but again, more of an
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inconvenience. let's begin downtown. enough rain that there was an icei sqee geeing rink. the light snow flurries and a dampening of the christmas spirit for those who stood by. but these were minor inconveniences compare wtd eastern seaboard. if you had an umbrella today, good for you. plenty of people didn't. as for elsewhere, like back here in marin county, it's rain. >> it went away. >> you saw rain? >> this morning i did. >> how long? >> two minutes. >> two minutes. but more than a wet enough to affect businesses. this may have been the most serious.
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sending hourly workers home. with holidays coming up they do need money. a quick wrap up of clear skies now. who would have believed it? the day began with clear skies and finished with clear skies but dark skies in the middle of the day. people are driving home in the dark. interstate 8 owe about two hours ago. you can see blanket of white. that snow is what ski areas have been waiting for. they plan to get the equipment pumping tonight. >> had the door open. the storm door open. and bring temperatures down, get ready for a great season.
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>> fingers crossed. an aggressive operation helped mammoth mountain open today. several tahoe resorts hoped to open incoming days. squaw and kirkwood expected to follow after that. >> a hunl new outlet mall opened for business in livermore, proving to be popular, causing a traffic jam all day. take a look. sky 7 live right now. paragone outlet center, you can see headlines. there is a parking lot as well. police and chp doing traffic controls throughout sunday during grand opening weekend. 130 stores employing about 2000 people, the mall expected to help left the -- lift the economy. it's the first outlet mall to open in californiag, in more than 10 years. be patient. >> yes. that is remarkable. >> san francisco authorities are promising to go after anyone they can find who is part of world series
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celebrations that got out of control. to that end the second person arrested for vandalizing a muni bus appeared in court. tonight, the story, he's a teenager. >> yes. he's just 19 years old. he remains in custody tonight with bail set at $40,000. today, through his attorney, he pleaded not guilty.[[y nicholas hudson did not speak today. >> what is alleged with respect to mr. hudson's specifically? >> the 19-year-old faces two charges. vandalism, tampering with a transportation vehicle. a muni bus, police say during celebrations, several vandals smashed, trashed and set this bus on fire at market and third. today, the assistant da calls this conduct disgusting.óñañ
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she said hudson is a known member of a gang, on a probation hold in san mateo county. the teenager's attorney says she just got the case ask could not comment. ng to police the public through social media helped track down hudson, as well as another man who has been arrested. a 22-year-old who lives in san francisco.ñí: there are others still wanted for questioning including this man.l?[2e and this guy in a striped jacket ramming a care kaid into the windshield. >> they're serious crimes. as you heard they're going to prosecute to the fullest. >> one woman severely burned when she kneel a fire. ñdeath of a reveler on haigt street. >> stated to us the victim was
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assaulted. so we're looking into that. however, we also have information that the victim might have fell during some celebrations. and suffered serious injuries due to that fall. >> police called the death sus spishus. his grandfather says he was into sports and the fact his hometown just won the series was a big thing to shaen. -- shawn. and the investigation continues in that case, and others. in all, the district attorney has charged 13 cases from assault on a police officer to robbery.2ztç live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. authorities in mountain view still on the scene of what may be the first drug lab bust. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded two apartment buildings around noon. they found stacks of hairinnin, methamphetamine and dnt, they
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found an assault rifle, shutç7h guns and other weapons, police arrested two people, declaining -- detaining three others. officers spent the afternoon removing hazardous material from the drug lab. >> in marin county the district attorney's office has decided not to file charges, at least for now, in the death of a baby of in a sanry"u rafal day care center. the 4-month-old boy suffocated on bedding. three people at the magic place childrens center were arrested for involume teary manslaughter. police say the owner left the baby with an unlicensed care giver and tried to cover it up. the d.a.says it needsdq>] more time to review this case before deciding whether to file charges. >> facebook doling out millions to appease neighboring city concerns about increased traffic with the expansion of its campus. number of employees expected to triple from 2500.
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abc 7 news is live in menlo park tonight. david? >> facebook sitting on estimated $11 billion dollars so sharing some might be part of the cost of doing traffic this, story developed by our media partner california watch, a nonprofit project of the center for investigative journalism. face booxbook indicated by expanding the campus, adding 6600 employees traffic would increase by 15,000 trips per day that. doesn't sit well with neighboring cities with potential for litigation, facebook agreed to pay them to mitigate impact. east pal yes alto receiving $650,000 from facebook. a half million for traffic construction along university avenue. $150,000 towards bike paths.. >> things like loops so
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bicycles can make turns at intersections will be doing improvements for pedestrian safety. those are the thing that's really help and $150,000 will go a long way. >> another $150,000 will go towards developing housing. atherton is concerned on how streets may be used as short cuts. >> many coming from redwood city or might be coming from other parts of menlo park or the unincorporated areas. >> atherton with a per cappita increase of $150,000 is getting 150,000s frdz facebook. one bottle neck could be the intersection of march skpsh middlefield roads. as seen from sky p hd, menlo park is getting $1.1 million for traffic improvements.
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it believed there will be staggered work hours. long time residents seemed resigned traffic will get worse. >> yes. yes. no matter what. smn not going to stop it. >> facebook campusdd1y expansion will happen here across willow road. construction will be begin sometime next year with completion and more traffic coming in 2015. >> david, thank you. >> coming up at 6:00, a surprising report on who is tracking you as you browse the internet. not only can this slow you down, but could cost money. >> why are senior homes requiring people to give notice before they die? i'm michael finney. we'll figure this ahead on 7 on your side. >> later tonight a uc berkeley grad who went to ghana and started a university, changing his homeland one student at a
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time. >> james bond faces up to changing times. that and more coming up.
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coping with the death of someone close is never easy. >> no. it is not. but some bay area families with loved ones in assistive living centers say they're forced to face another tragedy. >> yes. it is a greing controversy. it's interesting. it's common forx[8ñ homes to
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require 30 day notice before a resident leaves a facility. of late it has been enforced even when a resident died. that has families shaking their/(i heads in disbelief. miranda mourns of death of the ill cousin she promised to care for until he died. >> so i kind of view that i >> she couldn't believe what came in the mail after he died at his assistive living center. >> they're asking for rent coveringwgcx(!e two weeks after he passed away. >> the same thing happened to robert li from north bee. his 96-year-old mother, jesse died just 10 days after moving into the avenue assistive living center. >> i said i paid $11,000 for 10 days of service. >> both unaware of a provision
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requiring up to 30 days notice. now, both admit they signed a yacht out understanding terms that, is something pat mcguiness of the california advocates for nursing home reform is seeing more and more. >> of course that is only fair. i should give you mts my mother is going to be leaving and finding another place. but ah. you mean if my mother died i was supposed to give you 30 days notice? nobody know that's. >> the organization is calling this one of the biggest issues facing seniors today. >> it is absurd. it's absurd. >> the avenue where robert's mother stayed delined a request for an interview. by phone told us the policy isness troy protect the company from financial hardship when a resident leaves. mary mount villa saying it saw no point in talking to fuss we
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were not members of the li family. however a trade group says members made clarity a priority. the california assisted living association says it thinks it's important families understand any agreement they choose to sign. the association also declined an opportunity to appear on camera. but jim johnson from h salt assisted living did abrie to an interview. this is one of the few assistive living centers which waives the requirement. >> if a person dies it's anyone's control. >> that is a policy robert li hopes morec>áañ adopt. >> i'm not getting any care for that. >> california advocates agreed and vows to make that happen. >> i do think this is something to pursue. it's becoming a big problem,
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people aren't ware of it. >> right now, state regulations prohibit nursing homes from requiring notice when someone dies. advocates say they'll push for similar protection for those staying in assistive living centers. >> thank you. >> a new study shows when you  beingw study shows when you watched more than ever before.tñ who the worst offenders are, and what they're doing with your information. >> every sight you surf someone is watching you. >> i don't like the idea aim not on facebook. i think that it's out of control. >> now, a study shows a use of tracking code that record yo& iy browsing history has risen. >> that trend keeps up, we're going to see a doubling in tracking in about two nachl years. >> sarah's company sponsored this study. they make privacy software.
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>> advertisers trying to find ways to get around that. >> researchers found two biggest trackers are google and facebook, who follow you around their own site. but lots of os;>. sites have code embedded from advertisers.. >> highest number of tracker as cross the board is new. >> researchers found the san francisco chronicle sf gate had 46 different code. most of any news site studied. second place, the drudge report, 44. followed by usa today, "national geographic" and companies say they use to show you better ads. but downy says they can sell the information to employers.. >> there are other uses of the data behind the scenes consumers don't know about or don't like. >> there is another consequence. researchers say tracking data accounts for a quarter of the internet use saying that is slowing down your computer, if
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you're on a mobile device, it can cost you money. >> there is band width you're wasting to power this tracking. >> could lead to overyaz on wireless plan. downey says unless there is a law against it, it will only get worse. >> weather tonight? >> indeed. etc. cooled down. >> it has. we haven't had much time to adjust to this rather sudden change of the warmth. quite a chill right now. here is a live view from our sky 7 hd. traffic backed up in livermore, traffic, weather together. we've got cloudy skies with breaks in clouds. there are still areas that are receiving shower activity but for the most part you can see this is quieted down over the north bay throughout san francisco.
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most is moving eastward. there is snow over the sierra. rainfall totals most locations have received only a few hundredths of an inch. exactly a tenth in half moon bay. there are wet spots and there will be more during overnight hours. temperatures dropping as dan pointed out. getting chilly in spots. we'll see some really cold lows in north bay valley locations. scattered showers continuing throughout friday. some breaks of sunshine tomorrow. no showers could occur at elevation as above 3,000 feet. that is how cold the air is headed our way. here is how it looks. here come that's line of showers. lots of cold air wrapped
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around this low pressure to our north-northwest. start agent 7:00 this evening, pockets of waves of showers passing through overnight into early morning hours. there will be more pockets of showers during the day but less organized and will start to break up into afternoon early evening hours. by saturday morning we should see skies clearing giving way to drier conditions. but still could be chilly. speaking of chilly, winter weather advisory remains in affect. we can see up to 10 inches of snow near the crest. intoáá
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then, tomorrow, showery day. some breaks of sunshine. rather cool weather with high temperatures into mid to upper 50s foremost of the bay area. monterey bay, mid to upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. drying out over the week)lw the chill remains sunday morning, monday morning. low temperatures at or near freezing. >> we didn't get much of a transition. thank you very much. >> coming up next, an abc 7 catch yain to alert to you dangers of cash yoon monoxide poisoning. >> it coul
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here is a look at traffic in livermore, this is a busy time of this is compounded by opening of the brand new mall that just opened today. >> cars have been piling up with people going to paragone outlet center. it's the first outlet in all of cal in more than 10 years.
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just in time for holiday shopping. take a look at the people. >> today is the start of our campaign operation save -- 7 save a live to rise awareness of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. >> joining forces to prevent casualties from fires and carb onmonoxide poisoning. >> today, a boiler started leaking carb onmonoxide. the goal is to increase the number of smoke and carb onmonoxide alarms in-houses around the bay area. >> tlb smoke detectors early notification is paramount to saving lives. >> home depot and kita alarms donating 3,000s to distribute to seniors. >> for tips on protecting your family and home check out operation 7 save a live.
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just look on see it on tv. simple to do. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead a search for common ground in washington. can two parties stop wick going over the cliff? >> tonight three inmates may soon be walking the streets once again thanks to california voters. ÷x#?fther half hour
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election is over but there is little time to celebrate. the country heading for another crisis. awbc 7 sus snus here now with the booming -- looming financial cliff. >> in attempting to deal with its deficit congress put into place these spending cuts that killwill kick in at the end of the year. cuts could force the economy back into a recession. so called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year,
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leaders from both parties say they're working together. >> and i'm confident that he and i. >> compromise is not a dirty word. >> if congress fails to act on a deal, automatic spending cuts and tax increases will take affect costing average american household about $3700. >> that would imperil the economy. saying both sides put off working on a deal until after the election there. is little time to findizñ a compromise. >> i think in the interim the president is going to work with run republicans to create a patch. >> long term republicans and democrats will have to compromise and in an interview the speaker of the house today signaled there will be no compromise on a tax increase.
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>> raising taxes is the wrong prescription given where our economy is. >> our political analyst says taxes are the big hurdle for republican lawmakers. >> if they step forward we might see a change that would be reflected in negotiate yaigs going forward. >> a former advisor believes it's up to the president to take his case to the people. >> it means so much to come back to is the president able to communicate? >> saying if he pitches a compromise of tax increases he could put a lot of pressure on republicans in congress. >> they want to be the party identified trying to take the u.s. economy off the rail. >> the president due to address the nation tomorrow from the east room of the white husband. >> thank you. >> the passage of proposition 36 signals a new view of crime
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and punishment. revising the three strikes law means thousands could be back out on the streets. we hear from three inmates waiting their freedom, now. here is abc 7 news morning akt anchor karen thomas. >> tuesday night was a chance to celebrate for supporters on prop 36. >> people go to polls they're voting to increase penalties. this one of the times u.s. history they said it's too harsh. >> no one paying more attention than this group of prisoners. the group has been leading many years. >> i've got 26 years to live for position of cocaine. >> my third strike is my first
6:34 pm
relapse after being clean and sober almost 10 years. >> third strike instigating a fight. and they gave me ta to life. >> so already serving 16 years behind bars, one of the 9,000 third strikers and one of the 3,000 who will be eligible for a rehearing because of prop 36. >> second time in prison. my first two strikes came p;0ñ one case. i was 18 years old. >> now, a judge could decide to remove the life sentence. >> if it gets taken off, then chances are i may end up going home. i have time already in. >> california voted for three strikes because they're tired of people going to prison, getting out, committing
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another felony. going back. getting out. creating another victim. so on, so on. >> michael romano says the three strikes law will remain the toughest in the country. >> it's trying to address what we think are the most excessive sentences in the country. >> california is one of 27 states with a three strikes law. saying this week's vote will help reduce strain in the penal system. >> makes sure our prisons are not overcrowded with people who don't deserve to be there. helping people who have been sentenced to life for minor conduct. >> since passing in 199 4, crime dropped in california but also dropped in states without three strikes. as state spending sky rockets politicians are questioning
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whether the benefits of laws like three strikes outweigh costs. >> we need the same country and same neighborhood. everybody does. take a look and say sth s.there another way to do it? there might be. >> as a member of the committee, the senator from illinois is leading a broad review of u.s. prison policies. >> i believeúwñ that voters want to make sure they're spending money well, not wasting it. i also think they don't want america to be known as a country that does inhumanew$zic% things to prisoners for any lengthy period of time. >> this vote signals a direction at the for front of introducing laws÷v+lz. >> all eyes on california. it started this trend. and people are really looking state goring to do with the three strikes law. >> the director of public
6:37 pm
policy safety research at the pew center says other states have started to temper jentsing laws. >> other half of the states probably are going to say maybe now it's time. >> for thousands of california inmates, prop 36 may now offer a chance at a fresh start. >> i'm glad that people of california are having a chance to take a look at this. i'm hopeful. very hopeful. >> coming up next, a man started his own university in ghana. >> tonight he's getting a bay area award. stay w
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abc 7 news i team gained access to a meeting of the shadow government. >> a preview of an investigation you'll see only on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. >> a group of people from across the state planning for days they believe will surely come. when the u.s. government fails. they say they are ready to take over the different laws and new leaders. their beliefs similar to the sovereign citizen movement. some sovereigns not associated with this group have committed crimes because of their beliefs. putting them all on law enforcement radar.
6:41 pm
>> it's a priority. biggest concern that i have is individuals who may become violent. >> tonight at 11:00 pulling back a curtain on what some call the most-organized sovereign citizen group, showing how they say they've taken a step towards their ultimate goal, tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see you then, dan. >> this is not your father's 007. >> new james bond adventure sky fall is on the aisle next.
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safe way hammered out an agreement fortunin representing check out clerks in northern california. we don't have details yet but a spokesman says it provides be. workers walked off their jobs
6:45 pm
over the weekend. >> tomorrow a town will receive a innovation award from the school of bus being recognized for trying to change his country's future.xu his inspiring story. >> a university in ghana was the idea of a former microsoft employee, he decided to change his career after his son was felt. felt. to africa to be part of the solution in africa. for the sake of the next generation. >> it means beginnings in the african language. the school of business had a lot to do with creating this university. >> finally, faculty at berkeley were critical in formulating curriculum.
6:46 pm
ghana had only three universities. he started small, 10 years ago, just 30 students. today, thanks to his tennasity and generosity of those in the united states there are 600 students on a new larger campus. the goal was to create change in a region bogged down in government corruption. needsbe successful, one¢ to be ethical. they were going to be successful because they had integrity not in spite of it f someone is running a bank they want to hire ethical people. >> today, 350 students graduated from the university. >> importantly we're giving hope to next generation. they're going to change the world. his son who inspired him is now 17 years old, and part of
6:47 pm
the next generation of ghanains. >> after a search a chancellor has been selected at uc berkeley. he's a 61-year-old professor of history who is currently at columbia university at new york. >> spencer is back now. >> yes. forecast that has been wacky today it has. interesting clouds this afternoon. low and mid level clouds moving over the bay and across the bay area. looking over live doppler 7 you!w!vy can see there are mainy light pockets pushing out of the bay area now. we do have a spot of showers
6:48 pm
just pushing on to the coast wlichblt do expect to see showers and snow falling in northern part of lake county, mountains up there. tomorrow a cool day. partly sunny skies. periods of hours, high temperatures into 50s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. showers drying out over the weekend. sunday veteran's day. we'll have cold weather during overnight hours into sunday morning and into monday morning. >> thank you. >> the much anticipated return of james bond comes to theaters tomorrow. here is don sanchez with his on the aisle review. >> bond after aifw guy who has
6:49 pm
stolen a hard drive but bond goes much deeper. >> take a shot. bond is perplexed and pensive. he comes back. >> i have one question. why not stay there? there is no shame in saying you lost. >> this film deals with generational stuffeñv. it's about changing times, there is a secret from ann's past, juddy dench. >> the film has big pieces. it's multi level but you can't be disappointed.
6:50 pm
it is bond after all. >> bond, james bond is back. it's shot in scenic locales. action sequences are adrenaline rushing. i had to cheer the reappearance of a bond icon in this film. i give sky ball more than three quarters of a bucket. that is abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> still ahead tonight worst fears for golden state fans have been realized.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, navy s.e.a.l. disciplined for revealing a secret to a silicon valley coop a president. this video just leased is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> now larry beil is here with more news. >> here we go, again. warriors seem to be cursed by injuries announced they're shutting down seven to 10 days he's played in four of the first five games this year averaging about 18 minutes per game. he's not putting up scoring numbers4y-n1z accustomed to. s?q appe laboring at times. s?q appe both insisting this is not cause for alarm. >> this came back a little early. i see that. you know? probably little too soon. it's what i wanted to do. i feel like i'm a liability out there. i can't rebound or move the way i'd like to move. >> at the end of the day it's
6:55 pm
important to stay true to the process as far as making sure he's healthy. we said we're going to listen to doctors and trust my eyes. and we're going to listen to andrew. >> the a's stunning successes resulted in playoff berth and billy dean being named executive of the year by sporting news. american league west with a 20 game improvement. the newcomers help turn the a's. there is billy. billy won this award in 1999. look out, billy. >> that is the way to celebrate. >> the owners and players met
6:56 pm
again for a third day today. guys like yin clo are looking for places to play. this week he signed a deal with the team. told us it's because of a current contract situation you might not see him on the ice. >> this could be there with the way i set up the contract. right now i'm just having practice to see if that is good to.qk see. >> usc fired one of the football team student managers after it was discovered he deplated -- deflated five
6:57 pm
balls before the game against oregon. in a statement he said the student manager did this on his own, we're tlod believe this is the act of a rogue teenager on campus. come on. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> we need senate hearings. >> i want answers. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news.
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown
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then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- don't try to pin down this wrestling coach, history teacher, d former marine, with 25 years of service. from cutler bay, florida, let's greet... she teaches at a school that opened in 1854. from brooklyn new york, here's... and he teaches at todd beamer high school, named for a heroic passenger aboard a plane on 9/11. from tacoma, washington, welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --

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